Our commitment to you continues with comprehensive firearm cleaning and maintenance. Whether you rely on your firearm for defense, hunting, competition or leisure, we are able to help you maintain your firearm through basic cleaning, and superior cleaning.  Drop your gun off today and we’ll take care of the rest.

Starting $35 per cleaning.

Free bore sighting for your rifle with cleaning purchase.

We are getting Ammunition shipments everyday.

5.56NATO – $79.99 120 rounds
9MM – $249.99 1,000 rounds
.22LR – $49.99 500 rounds, $4.99 50 rounds
7.62×51 – $14.99 20 rounds

A dilemma for many silencer enthusiast is, once you own 1 suppressor you want 1 for every gun you own. Each suppressor is set for a specific thread pitch and/or caliber and one was forced to buy a new can for each pistol/rifle. One company has stepped in correct that: Griffin Armament with their new Optimus Suppressor System.

We were able to meet the 2 owners earlier this year and got to handle their new system. We are impressed.

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We are a Class III dealer. We sell silencers and short barrel rifles.

If you’ve been researching how to buy a silencer online, you’re probably feeling both overwhelmed and confused. There is so much information coming from conflicting sources that it seems overwhelming before you actually start shopping for the silencer itself.

You do not need a “Class 3” license to purchase and own a suppressor in the state of Florida.

Once you’ve decided you want one, you just have to register it and we can help you with that.

The reality is that buying a suppressor is a simple process. The hardest part is waiting for your new toy!